Bride & Wedding – FB Group

All Things Bride & Wedding” Facebook group has launched.

Brides and vendors welcomed to join.

Mainly a place for brides to share planning experiences, ask questions, get opinions & have some fun! Planning is a serious and stressful time.

I’ve created daily prompts to loosen up those emotions and remind brides the main reason for the wedding – a celebration of the love and commitment between two people! (and don’t forget about the man that you will be marrying)

This is NOT a place for bridal services advertising, although there is one day dedicated to vendors. Brides will not be bombarded with “services offered”.

Come check out the daily prompts. Prompts start this Sunday.

Sunday Fun Day
Marriage Monday
Wedding Trivia Tuesday
Wedding Planning Wednesday
Vendor Thursday
Stress-Free Friday
Weekend Wonder Saturday

If you are not a bride or wedding vendor, but know someone planning a wedding, Share this with them. They will be glad you did.





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